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Rules & Regulations for the students

  1. Library hours 8am to 8pm.

  2. Books may be issued for an initial period of 7 days . The same book may be reissued for another 7days if it is not “On Demans”. Once the book is overdue the same title will not be issued.

  3. Fine will be charged @ RS. 5/-

  4. Maximum of 2 books for lending and 3 books for reading will be issued at a time to a student.

  5. Refeence books, Dissertation, Project and Journal will not to issued for borrowing purpose.

  6. No book will be issued or get returned from any other person except concerned students.

  7. Every student should bring ther Reading card whenever He/She wants to use the library.

  8. Books lost, torn or damaged by the borrower will have to be replaced by the latest edition. For out of print books, three times of purchasing cost will be levied and the same should be paid by the student.

  9. Discussion, gossiping, whispering in the library premises is strictly prohibited. Strict silence should ne maintained in the library.

  10. No one is allowed to enter the library with bags, personal books, printed materials, shawls etc.Student must fillup gatepass for personal books. Students and other persons entering the library are to be checked at the time of leaving the library

  11. Eating tiffin or sitting idle in the library will not to be permitted.

  12. Use of mobile phone in library is strictly prohibited.

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